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8 Best Practices for Service Management

In the broad sense of the word, service management refers to a customer-focused approach to delivering services. Traditionally, this approach has been applied to the IT department but recently it has expanded to any part of the organisation that has the same internal service delivery model.

Effective service management can help you save time, decreased costs and increase employee satisfaction. Use the best practices outlined below to become a world-class customer-focused organisation:

 1. Choose the right technology

Selecting the best technology to support service management is essential to success. When looking for a great technology partner, seek out a platform that is robust, easy to implement, scalable and user-friendly. Every year, Gartner publishes it Magic Quadrant report for best ITSSM providers and this is a great place to start when looking for new technology.

2. Pick the right partners

Once you have selected the right technology, it is important to choose the right partner for implementation. Do your research and select a company that is an expert in the technology, has proven itself by deploying a high number of successful implementations, and that have a positive reputation in the market place.

3. Go beyond IT

Expand your technology beyond ITSM to include marketing, facilities, HR, legal or any other department with a similar service-delivery model. This will further increase your ROI, simplify your processes and save you time and resources.

4. Get rid of the middle man

Having a person receive and handle requests via email or phone is not the most efficient way to provide excellent service. Automate your service desk by getting a system where the requestor is connected directly with the service provider.

 5. Eliminate email

In the Service Management world, email is slowly becoming obsolete and being replaced by smart, automated systems. Think about how you can reduce or eliminate the use of email by utilising technology that can optimise your processes.

 6. Rely on analytics

How many calls/emails do you get for password change requests every month? How many website content changes are being channelled through your marketing team? Many companies find it difficult to answer these and other similar questions because they don’t have a smart system in place to help them measure. Effective service management relies heavily on good analytics so when you are looking for the right software provider choose one that has a strong analytics engine and use it to make good business decisions.

 7. One source of truth

Organisations often find themselves in a state where they have many disparate systems that don’t talk to each other, which leads to low quality data. Having all of your data in one place provides you with a single version of the truth which will in turn help you make the right decisions. ServiceNow is a particularly agile enterprise-wide platform that you can help you achieve data consolidation and accessibility.

8. Increase adoption rates

No matter how good your technology and strategy are, you will not get the value you expected if processes and systems and not generally accepted, used and adopted. Use strategies to increase adoption rates, such as keeping clear and constant communication and involving your people at every state of the process.

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