Countless integration possibilities with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides a wide variety of options when it comes to integration with other platforms. No matter how a company’s network is designed, ServiceNow can provide integration solutions that include web services, database connections, and automated imports of files via a MidServer.

As a cloud-hosted solution, ServiceNow allows companies to easily import of export information even if they are behind a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through the provision of a MidServer that can be configured and deployed in any Windows or Linux machine in a matter of minutes.


Error control

It is common for credentials to change in platforms that are being integrated into ServiceNow but this does not have to stop the information importing process. ServiceNow can be configured to create a task or send a notification based on an event, such as the HTTP status code returned while importing or exporting data. When the credentials are rejected, ServiceNow administrators can be notified and/or assigned to a newly created incident to fix the credentials issue. Other solutions do not offer this flexibility and that usually leads to days, weeks or even months failed synchronisation without anybody realizing it.

Every month, week, day or several times per day, via a Web Service or using a database connection, you can decide when and how ServiceNow integrates with other platforms.



Although a MidServer may need to be deployed in your network it doesn’t mean your firewall must be reconfigured to accept connections against it. The MidServer itself can start the communication against ServiceNow keeping your security at the maximum level.

ServiceNow can be accessed from anywhere while offering the highest levels of security. Single Sign-on (SSO), IP restrictions and several ways of encryption are available to protect your data both at rest and in transit.

Concisely, with ServiceNow your company can benefit from the accessibility and availability of a cloud solution without taking risks.

Daniel Garcia-Martinez is a Senior Technical Consultant at Focus Group Europe.

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