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At Focus Group Europe, we are proud to have helped transform countless organisations by accelerating their Service Management. Our clients come in all sizes and from a wide-range of industries including not-for-profit, government, finance, IT and real estate. We are delighted to showcase some of the great projects that we have done over the years; please click on one of the companies below the see the case study.

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“Within 4 weeks of starting the project we went live. The methodology used by the Focus Group Europe team was effective, and it allowed us to get off the ground fast”.


“We observed a drop in the number of cases that we handled in the first year. Prior to having ServiceNow the cases that we managed through our CRM system were increasing by around 400 year on year. With ServiceNow the number of cases has decreased as we’ve separated Requests from Incidents”.


“We went from having to wait days for a report to getting the information we need on-demand. This is paramount as it allows us to make decisions based on recent data”


“At the beginning, most people viewed ServiceNow as an ITSM tool, but after having more than 10 business applications running we were able to demonstrate that it could do so much more. There is a growing wish list, both within IT and the business, with more than 100 requests that we would like to implement in the near future”


“Our previous manual change process took one person approximately 12 hours a week; is now down to 1 hour and we have assurance that the process has been followed.”


“We wanted self-service to become the new norm. ServiceNow made it a reality.”


“It was a tough ask and a very busy 5 months, but with the help and expertise of both ServiceNow and Focus Group Europe, we were able to meet the deadline.”


“We could have spent nine months in a pre- production environment and then gone live, but that’s not the mood that we were in at all. The speed of delivery we were able to achieve with Focus Group Europe and ServiceNow has set a new standard.”


“Since installing ServiceNow, we’ve seen dramatic changes. We understand causes of problems better, we can quantify our top service requests, and we can see whom we need to inform when services are affected.”


“Although ServiceNow has ‘service’ in its name, it’s capable of much, much more than just IT service functions. We want to push the limits of what we can do in terms of orchestration.”


“In the spirit of transparency and visibility, we decided to open up our [ServiceNow-based] project governance tool to all the company, not just to IT. From anywhere in the organization, anybody can log in and see the details of any of our projects.”


“To date, I haven’t found anything that ServiceNow can’t do.”


“What Focus Group Europe has done by developing a user- friendly, efficient, image-rich system is a game-changer; they really came up with some innovative and unique ways to improve self- service beyond what we could have envisioned”

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Focus Group Europe is a fast growing ServiceNow partner with great opportunities to grow your career. With an amazing culture and headquarters located in central London, FGE is the right place to accelerate your career.

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