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At Focus Group we are always excited about ServiceNow releases. In anticipation of the Helsinki release I decided to ask the team about their favourite ServiceNow Geneva feature. It was not an easy task to choose a favourite with all the possibilities that ServiceNow offers but the team was really grateful and provided some amazing answers.

We hope you are already using the following functionality but if you are not, remember that our ServiceNow experts are ready to help you get started.

What is your favourite ServiceNow Geneva feature?

“My Favourite Geneva feature on our Express platform is the REST API . It’s a great addition to the platform which enables our customers to take the functionality that they already love even further by integrating bi-directionally with their 3rd party applications. Customers can get very creative with this and end up with some extremely sophisticated results, helping them to achieve their organisational goals”.

Anthony – Account Executive

“My favourite feature is how easy it is to create favourites in the application navigator. Its easy to configure my own icons and colours so I can quickly get to the data that matters to me”

Nick -Sales Director

“I’m really impressed with the Standard Change Catalogue as it creates an immediately usable approval mechanism for the creation of standard change templates. It leverages the service catalog to allow users to propose new change templates, with a readily built approval workflow and re-submission process. Add to this the fact that you can create Change template proposals directly from existing Change requests and you have a complete solution available as soon as you start working with ServiceNow. In fact, I have already rolled this out to organisations without the need for additional configuration work – other than setting the names of the approvers!”

Arun – Delivery Manager

“My favourite Geneva feature is Connect as it enables support analysts to quickly and easily provide real time assistance to end users, whilst providing the social experience users now expect due to the consumerisation of IT. The ability to search and share knowledge directly from the Connect window has transformed how Chat capabilities can be used within ServiceNow, and opened a wealth of opportunities to exploit this functionality”

Adam – Technical Consultant

“I LOVE the new Facilities Workbench ! The ability to log an incident/request against a specific space on a floor plan and being able to see the details of the space and assets assigned to it it’s just brilliant. No more of these types of incident descriptions “Where am I? Oh, I’m in the west wing of the blue building, third floor up, turn left out of the elevator pass the fish tank and it’s the desk next to the big plant pot, slightly obscured by the pillar, I’m the tall guy in the white shirt”

Alan – Solutions Consultant

“My favourite Geneva feature is the Deflect and Incidents with knowledge functionality. This feature allows users to check and use contextual knowledge articles to resolve their problem, without even logging an incident with the Service Desk. And what’s even better, I can’t even count all the times an article has helped people resolve their problems in this manner.”

Chris– Senior Technical Consultant

“My favourite Geneva feature is the Studio – instead of having to write and modify scripts in an external IDE on my machine, I can do it directly within ServiceNow. It’s also got this nifty script assistance feature which makes it even better!”

Jayesh – Technical Consultant

“My favourite feature of Geneva is Contextual Search. It allows those logging a ticket to automatically have access to relevant articles from the knowledge base. Allowing users to self-help before the service desk team gets involved is a great way to increase efficiency”

Claire –Account Executive

“My favourite Geneva feature is the improvements made in the Project Portfolio Management application suite. This is providing the functionally that my customers have been asking for and is driving broader adoption of the ServiceNow platform across the enterprise”

Jeremy – Account Executive

We hope you enjoy reading about our team’s favourite features. We would love to hear your opinion, leave a comment telling us about your favourite Geneva functionality or the features you hope to see in the upcoming Helsinki release.

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