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Within most organisations, we know that there are often a myriad of different toolsets, all performing different roles and capturing different information. Integrations that we’ve developed have helped to quickly and effectively improve efficiencies across end-to-end processes and build up a more intelligent picture of information flow within organisations.


One of SeviceNow’s many strengths is its ability to easily integrate into third party toolsets and data sources. Through integration you will remove inefficiencies in your business processes, reduce the requirement for human input and improve the auditability and report-ability of your process.

Our Solution

A variety of techniques can be used, most notably Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, and Email, as well as any industry standard technologies that use SOAP, REST, or WSDL. Additionally, API and command-line integrations can be done using a MID Server.

Typical integration methodologies would be:

  • Direct Web Service

    The ServiceNow platform is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), in which all data objects can use web services to access bi- directional data-level integration.

  • Mapped Web Service

    A more indirect web service creation and usage can be achieved through Mapped Web Service where a transform map is used to gather incoming web service data into the final targeted tables.

  • Data import via import sets

    The ServiceNow platform offers a rich interface for loading external data using import sets. Using this feature, you can load from various data sources such as HTTPS, FTPS, and SCP using file formats such as XML, CSV, and Microsoft Excel XLS files. Information can also be pulled from a data source using a direct JDBC connection, provided the network connectivity allows.


We’ve worked on many different cutting-edge integration projects, and our integration experts will work with you to understand, design and develop an optimised, scalable, secure integration for you.

Integration can be a complex and time-consuming area, so before you embark on this project, we would recommend that you talk to one of our team of specialist integration consultants. When built correctly, the results will be transformational.

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