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Tickets relating to User Profile Management often account for 30% of Service Desk calls. What are you doing to automate this? Find our more about how you can optimise the ServiceNow Orchestration functionality.


ServiceNow Orchestration gives you the ability to eliminate the mundane, error-prone tasks that hinder IT staff from truly maximising IT efficiency.

Ticket volume related to User Profile Management (password management, new user creation, etc.) is approximately 30%. Why would you not automate this? The business case and return on investment for this area is clear.

Our Solution

We have a huge range of experience in Orchestration configuration projects, and have designed, built and implemented Orchestration of both the ‘core’ activity packs, as well as ‘custom’ workflows.

Focus Group Europe expert guidance will help you to configure and optimise the ServiceNow Orchestration functionality to improve your operational efficiencies, reliabilities and best practices.


ServiceNow Orchestration will help you to:

  • Increase Efficiency

    Improve operational IT efficiencies, speed problem resolution and
    increase service availability by automating manual, routing, error- prone tasks to produce fast, predictable results

  • Fast Time-to-Value

    Realise value quickly from ServiceNow Orchestration’s SaaS model, with the intuitive graphical workflow designer and library of pre-built orchestration activities

  • Grow into Value

    Expand the ServiceNow Orchestration as value is demonstrated, through adding activity packs, custom activities and orchestration applications as needed

If you want to impress by rapidly and significantly reducing call volume or ticket resolution effort, then ServiceNow Orchestration is something that you really should investigate and we would be happy to show you how the tool works and how we could deliver rapid and effective results.

Even if you have an idea of something that you think should be automated but don’t know where to start, please let us know, as our Orchestration experts would be delighted to talk to you.

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