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ServiceNow “Share” is part of the ServiceNow Community and is a site for customers and partners to share custom applications and other ServiceNow content with their peers. As a leading ServiceNow Partner, we’re actively involved in this community and will be uploading many great features and shortcuts to Share over the coming months. To access our Share content directly, please feel free to explore via the below links.

Type Description
Integration Reset User Password
Tired of manually creating passwords for users that have forgotten theirs? Ran out of random words to use for security? Not got enough pets/children/holiday locations to supply any more suggestions?

Scripts Populate email header and footer
This removes the need to hard code headers/footers into outbound emails from ServiceNow. This script populates the header and footer of notifications prior to sending.

Custom App RIDAC
Risks, Issues, Decisions, Actions, Changes – A place to log and track RIDAC items, especially helpful during project implementation.

Scripts Hide Specific Groups from Users
Business Rule to hide specific groups such that only the admin/group members can see the group exists.

App Extensions Automated ESS Knowledge Search
This update set provides an automated knowledge search in the Incident ESS record producer.

App Extensions Custom CMS Menu
This update set will provide you with an additional ‘Custom Navigation Menu’ option with the Content Management Application.

Dashboards Service Desk Ticket Total Counter
Want to keep track of how your Servicedesk is doing? This gadget provides up-to-date information on the incidents assigned to the Servicedesk.

Dashboards ServiceDesk Ticket Counter Gadget
This gadget provides information on incident tickets that have been opened, updated and closed for a specific group, on a single day.

App Extensions Highlight the incident if it has been updated by the caller/customer
If an incident is updated by the caller/customer the number field on the form is highlighted to show that the update has happened.

App Extensions Update Task Work Notes from Approvals and Child Tasks
When comments are added to the approval record a business rule will run to push the comments to the work notes field of the parent task, ie. Requests, Requested Items and Change Requests.

App Extensions Calculate incident state durations
The update set adds an additional section with new fields that represent the OOTB states on the incident form.

Scripts Change Request Planned Start Date Validation
This Business rule runs before insert and update. It checks that the Planned start date is before the planned end date.

Scripts Remove Incident Closed State unless Manager/Itil_admin
Removes the state closed on an incident record unless the current logged in user has a role of itil_admin

Scripts Retire KB Article
This update set includes a scheduled job that will search all kb articles and query the valid to date.

Scripts Planned Change Duration/Actual Change Duration
This update set will add two new fields to the Change request form (Planned Duration & Actual Duration) on the schedule tab.

Scripts Set incident priority if caller is VIP
Client script designed to set the priority of an incident to critical if the caller is a VIP.

Scripts Flag users as VIP’s based on group
This scheduled job is designed to flag users as VIP’s if they are part of a group.

Scripts Lock out users
Useful script to run after a zboot to lock out *all* accounts except admin.

Scripts Knowledge article expiring, create event
This scheduled job is designed to push an event into the queue when the valid to date is less than 30 days away.

Custom App Notify
Focus Group Europe notify is a small decoration stripe widget that alerts users (it flashes red) when a priority 1 incident is unassigned.

Custom App Switch UI
A decoration widget to allow users with roles to switch between the CMS and “normal” UI

App Extensions CMS Survey
Ever wanted to embed a survey in your corporate designed CMS? This update set shows you how!

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