Top 6 ITSM challenges for SMBs


This article outlines the most common ITSM challenges faced by small and medium size businesses, it also provides some practical advise on how to choose the right tool to overcome them. We’d like to hear from you, comment on this article and share the challenges that you are facing with our community.


1. Undefined ITIL Processes – With tight resources, it is often difficult for smaller organisations to define and map the ITIL processes that many regard as a must havein ITSM today. With more than 26 official ITIL processes defined by the Office of Government Commerce it is time-consuming and inefficient to try to map out ITIL manually.

Tip: Select a tool that provides you with a wide set of pre-configured workflows so all you have to do is select the ones that make sense for your business.


2. Disparate systems – Many SMB’smanage their servicedesk with two or more disparate systems – most of them legacy platforms and tools created by their well-meaningpredecessors; This creates problems that only increase as the organisation grows. Often, these legacy systems are not able to communicate with each other which leads to data being stored in different places and inaccessible by the people who need it.

Tip: Replace your legacy systems with a tool that keepsall information in one place. Byproviding a single point of record, accessible by all relevant stakeholders, you ensure that everyone uses the same information in day to day business activities.


3. Lack of Visibility– The absence of a service management system often leads to poor reporting. With data being housed in different systems the information that employees use to make decisions can be inaccurate and stale.

Tip: Select a tool that provides a wide variety ofapproved ITIL reporting templates that can be configured and shared quickly and accurately.


4.  Poor Communication– Managing ITSM through email can be inefficient and frustrating for end-users. Having to followup on logged tickets by email and over the phone can be a waste of valuable time for employees.

Tip: Find a system that automates the communication process and provides end-users with visibility over their logged tickets. Provide a system that intuitively updates users with important information and lets them check their ticket status at their leisure. Having to go back and forth withIT teams should be a thing of the past.


5. Budget Constraints– Perhaps the biggest concern for smaller businesses comes in the form of budget and resource constraints, which make it challenging to find robust tools that fit most or all the requirements at the right price point.

Tips: Compare systems and find the one that provides the fastest time to value. Avoid getting caught up in the details and make a list of your requirements, then compare the tools against those requirements and purchase the tool that meets these requirements and can scale with you while you grow.


6. Community – Once you have implemented an ITSM system, finding support and help without incurring extra costs can be a challenge. 

Tip: Buy a tool that has excellent customer service and a strong community – forums, events, articles and blogs can help you answer questions without hassle, helping you get more from your investment.

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